Take a Detour with Us!
Service fees vary.  Call 765-400-5323 and ask about your designer's prices.


Debut Artists are designers in the beginning of their career. They are eagerly accepting new guests! Debut Artists have both great guest service, and affordable fees!

Principal Artists have approximately 2 - 3 years of experience. They have started a firm foundation for success and look forward to making you feel beautiful!

Producing Artists have had 4 - 5 years of experience. They are blossoming into leaders in our salon!

Premier Artists have around 8 - 10 years of industry experience. They lead our salon in a variety of ways and continue to better their career and skills.

Master Artists have had 10 - 12 years of experience. They provide top notch hair services along with excellent guest services.

Expert Artists have a minimum of 13 years behind the chair. They've received beauty industry accreditation and are at the top of their game!




Here are just a few of the stunning designs by our stylists