4 Simple Hair Hacks To Prevent Damage, Breakage & Women's Hair Loss Solutions

By Kim West

Looking to makeover your crown, but not sure where to start? Start with the simple things! Bosley Professional Strength Educator, J.B Shelton, talked to us about the easy things anyone can do to improve their hair instantly. If you're noticing your hair is thinning or breaking, begin with a few small fixes to whip your tresses back into shape.






Problem. Waking up to breakage. If you have long/medium hair, tossing and turning on cotton pillowcases in your sleep can cause friction, resulting in dryness and thus hair breaking off.

Solution. Place your hair in a loose bun on the top of your head (think top knot!) or change your cotton pillowcases to satin.







Problem. Addicted to ponytails? We can't blame you, but the style can get you into trouble after a while. Wearing tight ponytails and elastics with metal clasps can cause your hair to break from high tension.

Solution. Sometimes you can't avoid wearing a ponytail for work, school or simple convenience, but there are ways to improve how you rock them. Use cloth elastics and wear your hair down for every day that you wear it up.






Problem. You're in a rush and need to quickly curl your hair right after you shower, but using any heat tool when your hair is damp can cause your hair to boil.  

Solution. Did you know that professional heating tools can reach upwards of 400 degrees? It is extremely important to dry your hair 100%! This is a no-brainer.



Problem. Everyone likes a steamy hot shower, but this can be bad for your hair. Excessive hot water can cause your cuticles to swell, which can trigger the Ph to become unbalanced, and this exacerbates color fading.

Solution. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that helps with color retention. Also avoid using excess heat which can also dry your hair out. When you rinse your conditioner, rinse it out in cool or luke-warm water. This will help seal the cuticle! If you are experiencing hair loss, try using Bosley Pro Nourishing Shampoos and Conditioners ($18). 

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